June 7, 2012

Ghat kaa pardaa kholkar, sanmukh de deedaar.
Baal sanehi saaiyaa, awe ant kaa yaar.

घट का परदा खोल कर, सन्मुख दे दीदार |
बाल स्नेही साईंयां, आवे अंत का यार ||
He opens the veil within your being and shows himself  in front of you!! HE only is our true friend. At the time of our birth (here it refers spiritual birth or the moment when this creation came in existence and we as separate being came into picture) he was the only friend and when the journey of the soul has come to an end, I see him only as true friend. he has been our friend throughout our all lives, only it took whole journey from the origin to coming down this material world and going back to our source to make us realize this truth!!

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