June 4, 2011

Boond samani hai samunder mein, janat hai sab koi
Samunder samana boond mein, bujhe birla koi
बूँद समानी है समुंदर में, जानत है सब कोई |
समुंदर समाना बूँद में, बुझे बिरला कोई ||
When a drop merges into the ocean, everyone understands it
But when the ocean merges into the drop, seldom does one understand it
It is very simple to understand that a devotee merges into God, but it is difficult to accept that God merges into a devotee.reality is the union of God and devotee and all differences are lost. This is a state rarely found. God dwells in the heart of a devotee as an ocean merged into the drop.

Herat herat hey sakhi, raha kabir heray
Boond samani samunder mein, so kat heri jay
हेरत हेरत हे सखी, रहा कबीर हेराय |
बूँद समानी समुंदर में, सो कत हेरी जाय ||
Kabir says- searching over and over, O my friend! I lost myself in Him(god)
As the drop mixes with the ocean, where can one search for it 

Tu tu karta tu bhaya, mujhme rahi nah hun
Baari pheri bali gai, jit dekhu tit tu
तू तू करता तू भया, मुझमें रही न हूँ |
बारी फेरी बलि गई, जित देखू तित तू ||
Oh God ! by reciting your name all the time I merged in you and my ego disappeared
My troubles of transmigration disappeared. Now, wherever I look I see you.
The recitation of God’s name leads the devotee to God. He reaches the state of union with God, and his cycle of rebirths disappears, just as a drop of water mixes with the ocean and its separation disappers

Prem gali ati sankari, tamein dou na samai
Jab mein tha tab hari nahi, ab hari hai mein naahi
प्रेम गली अति संकरी, तामें दाऊ न समाई |
जब में था तब हरी नहीं, अब हरी है में नाहीं ||
The street of love is very narrow, two can’t pass through it at the same time
When I was, there was no God(hari), now there is God but I am not
To attain true love, one has to give up his ego. When the ego disappears, God appears. So the devotee must give up his ego to realize God

Prem na badi upje, prem na haat bikai
Raja prja jis ruche, sis dey le jai
प्रेम न बाड़ी उपजे, प्रेम न हाट बिकाई |
राजा प्रजा जिस रुचे, सीस देय ले जाई ||
Love is not grown in the field, and it isn’t sold in the market
But a king or a pauper who likes it, offers his head to obtain it
In the region of love there is no difference between king or pauper. Who wants to get love has to give up his ego, all other wealth has no value in love. Love is a spiritual and not a material thing.

June 1, 2011

Jin dhundha tin payiya, gahire pani paith
Mein bori duban dari, rahi kinare baith
जिन ढूंढा तिन पाईया, गहरे पानी पैठ |
में बोरी डूबन डरी, रही किनारे बैठ ||
Those who searched by diving into the deep water found
I foolishly feared drowning and remained seated on the shore
One who wants to get some pearls has to dive deeply into the ocean. The person who will fear drowning will not get anything. In the same way, he who wants God realization has to dive deeply in meditation, and merge completely into God's love.

Laali meri laal ki, jit dekhu tit laal
Laali dekhan mein gayi, mein bhi ho gayi laal
लाली मेरे लाल की, जित देखू तित लाल |
लाली देखन में गयी, में भी हो गयी लाल ||
The redness (illumination)of my beloved is everywhere
When I went to see the redness I also became illuminated
When a devotee realizes God, he sees illumination of God all over the world. He also merges into God's love in such a way that all the differences between him and God disappears. He realizes
(sees) only God and nothing else.

Pavak roopi saiyan, sab ghat raha samay
Chit chakmak laage naahi, tate bujhi bujhi jay
पावक रुपी साईंयां, सब घट रहा समाय |
चित चकमक लागे नाहि, ताते बुझी बुझी जाय ||
God is like fire dwelling in each and every heart
But because the flint stone does not spark in the heart, it does not give light

Sahib teri sahibi, sab ghat rahi samay
Jyon mehandi ke pat mein, laali lakhi na jay
साहिब तेरी साहिबी, सब घट रही समाय |
ज्यों मेहंदी के पात में, लाली लखी न जाय ||
Power of Almighty dwells in every heart but is invisible
Just as the red colour resides in the green mehandi leaves and is invisible
To get the red colour from the mehendi leaves one has to grind them into a fine paste and apply it on the hands. When the paste dries and the hands are washed, the red colour appears. In the same way one has to grind (cleanse) his mind by meditation to realize God.

Ghat ghat mera saiyan, suni sej na koy
Balihari ghat tasu ki, jag hat pargat hoy
घट घट साईंयां, सुनी सेज न कोय |
बलिहारी घट तासु की, जा घट परघट होय ||
My Lord is dwelling in each and every heart, not a single place is empty
But that heart is great where God manifests his qualities
Though the bliss of God’s love is in the human heart, because of ignorance, people do not know it, and they search for happiness in wordly things. Instead of bliss they get disappointment. One should realize that God is dwelling in evry heart. And service to humanity is service to God

Kabira garv na kijiye, kabahu na hasiye koy
Ajhu naav samunder mein, na jaane kya hoy
कबीरा गर्व न कीजिये, कबहू न हँसिये कोय |
अजहू नाव समुंदर में, न जाने क्या होय ||
Dont feel proud, dont mock at anybody.
Your life is like a boat in the sea, who can say what may happen at any time.
It is foolish to be proud or to laugh at the less fortunate.

Maati kahe kumhar se, tu kya rondhe mohe
Ek din aisa aayega, mein rondhugi tohe
माटी कहे कुम्हार से, तू क्या रोंधे मोहे |
एक दिन ऐसा आयेगा, में रोंधुगी तोहे ||
The earth says to the potter, “why are you trampling on me now?”
One day will come when I will trample on you
We must be humble and kind, and try to learn from everything. What you do to others will return to you.

Malin aavat dekh ke, kaliyan kare pukar
Phoole phoole chun liye, kaal humari baar
मलिन आवत देख के, कलियन करे पुकार |
फूले फूले चुन लिए, काल हमारी बार ||
Seeing the gardner coming, the flower buds started to lament
Today he plucks the blossoms and tomarrow it will be our turn
Every mature person knows that sooner or later everyone has to leave this world. So you must do good deeds so that you don’t have to lament later

Kali kaal tatkal hai, bura karo jini koi
An bove loha dahine, bove soo lunta hoi
कलि काल ततकाल है, बुरा करो जिनी कोई |
अन बोवै लोहा दाहिने, बोवै सो लुनता होई ||
In this Iron age you get quick results. Don’t do anything wrong
Whatever you sow, the same will reap
Every action has a equal and opposite reaction

Paw palak ki sudhi naahi, kare kaal ko saaj
Kaal achanak marsi, jyon titar ko baaz
पाव पलक की सुधि नाहि, करे काल को साज |
काल अचानक मारसी, ज्यों तीतर को बाज़ ||
We do not know what will happen in the next moment, but still we prepare for the distant future
Death will come suddenly just as hawks pounce upon birds

Kachi kaya man athir, thir thir kaam karat
Jyon jyon nar nidhadak phire, tyon tyon kaal hasat
काची काया मन अथिर, थिर थिर काम करत |
ज्यों ज्यों नर निधड़क फिरे, त्यों त्यों काल हसत ||
The body is perishable like an unbaked clay pot, and the mind is restless
Still, man delays in worldly actions unmindful of fear, death looks at him and laughs