May 7, 2011

sant kabir das amritvani (dohas) mp3 and pictures

sant kabir das pictures

Kabir, who probably lived in the fifteenth-sixteenth
centuries, was one of the most influential saints. He
was brought up in a family of Muslim julahas or
weavers settled in or near the city of Benares (Varanasi).
We have little reliable information about his life. We
get to know of his ideas from a vast collection of verses
called sakhis and pads said to have been composed
by him and sung by wandering bhajan singers. Some
of these were later collected and preserved in the Guru
Granth Sahib, Panch Vani and Bijak.
Kabir’s teachings were based on a complete, indeed
vehement, rejection of the major religious traditions.
His teachings openly ridiculed all forms of external
worship of both Brahmanical Hinduism and Islam,
the pre-eminence of the priestly classes and the caste
system. The language of his poetry was a form of
spoken Hindi widely understood by ordinary people.
He also sometimes used cryptic language, which is
difficult to follow.
Kabir believed in a formless Supreme God and
preached that the only path to salvation was through
bhakti or devotion. Kabir drew his followers from
among both Hindus and Muslims.